A love story… how we started I Luv Tequila…

We were taught the amazing virtues of Tequila by a wonderful Restaurant / Bar Owner in beautiful, fun Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  This extraordinary gentleman put a once in a lifetime tasting together of all of the various Tequilas from Silver (aka Blanco, Plata, White & Platinum), then he presented the lovely Reposado, subsequently moving to the ass kicking Añejos including the delightful extra aged and the finale, wonderfully smooth ultra aged Añejo!  After taking our time learning about this wonderful nectar of the gods from the Agave Plant from Jalisco (Tequila is North America’s first distilled drink, and first commercially produced alcohol) and sipping all of these wonderful varieties we became loyal Tequila Aficionados forever enjoying the drink of Kings & Queens.

With this new found love of this wonderful liquor, Tequila, we thought it would be fun to show our love for Tequila and create a fun platform to share with other Tequila Lovers.

We have been just overwhelmed with the support and devoted I Luv Tequila Fans who follow us and also share our passion for TEQUILA.  Our I Love Tequila Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ILuvTequila has over 170,000 Tequila Lovers!  Whether you like chilled Blanco, a nice Reposado in a traditional margarita or my favorite a big pour of Añejo in a Snifter (with a Cigar) Tequila is a very personal thing and we all customize it in our very own individual distinctive styles.

We the Tequila people, are fun, enjoy partying, good friends, relationships, vacations and everything the good life offers.  We @ I Luv Tequila have created for YOU & YOUR FRIENDS very unique, memorable one of a kind products celebrating the its always summer fun (even in the cold winter), were off of work celebratory, lets party clothing and gear.  We will continue to create and search for awesome items you can enjoy with your favorite Tequila Beverage in hand. 

For the Goodtimes... Cheers!

 David Scott founder of I Luv Tequila