Behold, the creepiest bottle of tequila ever (thanks, Guillermo Del Toro!)

Guillermo del Toro can essentially turn anything he gets his hands on into some of the creepiest things we've ever seen which is why we aren't at all surprised that his new partnership with Patrón has led into the most amazingly creepy bottle of tequila we've ever seen.  

Tequila might not be the first thing you think about when you hear del Toro's name but the two actually have more in common than you think. Del Toro was born in Jalisco, Mexico which is the exact same place that tequila was first mass-produced all the way back in the 1600s.  

This special collaboration doesn't just feature a bottle of tequila described as "a beautifully aged, golden spirit that requires a ritual to fully appreciate the nuanced aromas and taste," but it also includes a special liqueur in an amazing skull bottle.  

Illustrator Guy Davis who's worked with del Toro on projects such as Crimson Peak and Pacific Rim in the past helped design every part of this collection which all feature special details even down to the box which is covered in skeletons as "a dark representation of jimadors harvesting agave." The box also includes two candles, because if you're going to enjoy something as creepy as this collection, it has to be in the dark.  

Unfortunately, this collection may only be for the die hard del Toro fans as the collection costs $475, but after watching the special teaser trailer made by del Toro and Patrón, it may be hard to say no to that price.  

This only proves that anything del Toro gets his hands on is bound to be good which makes us wonder, what other partnerships could you possibly see him working on?

By Jordan Toney

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